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Here you will find photos and information on Pennsylvania and Maryland's state highways and scenes from surrounding states. This site contains:

Multiplexes: Photo gallery and information specific to multiply numbered routes from mainly the mid-Atlantic and non-contiguous United States: PennsylvaniaMaryland, Delaware, District of Columbia, Alaska, and Hawai`i. Photo submissions are welcome!

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Pennsylvania Route Logs: Listings of interchanges and crossroads of state routes and a detailed look at the state route numbering system, plus a route-by-route external link collection leading to route histories and termini and other points of interest outside this side.
US Highway Ends in PA, MD, DC: Photo gallery emphasizing the variants or "bannered routes" of the US Highway system.
Pennsylvania/Maryland Interchange Browser: Turn your web browser into an aerial expressway viewer.
Highway Browser: Turn your web browser into an interchange/junction browser. The Browser shows Google Maps and aerial imagery of 18000 interchanges and intersections along the United States Interstate Highway System.
Clinched Highway Maps: Create maps of all the Interstate highways you have travelled on.
Pennsylvania's new Interstate I-99: routing, current photos, construction photos, multiplexes, completion schedule, and future.
Photos along the east side of the Susquehanna River, including construction photos of the upgrade of the PA 147 super-2 expressway.
Road Trip Photos: Rural Lycoming County, PA, Maryland interstate curiosities, and more.
Sign Goofs: With thousands of signs everywhere you look, some are bound to be wrong. These are wrong.
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Downloadable Shield Graphics: Shield images for Interstate, US, and state highways, made for web pages.

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Highway Links: Links to other highway-related sites



Graphics for state highway, U.S. highway and interstate highway shields were created by the webmaster. Some of these graphics are derived from the interstate shield and number fonts used at Shields Up! by David Kendrick.

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