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15 300

DE 15(N-S)/DE 300(E-W) Duplex

Delaware Routes 15 and 300 join for 0.16 miles south of Clayton in Kent County.

Timothy Reichard 3/22/03

DE 300 west, leading out of Smyrna, meets DE 15 here, a couple of miles south of Clayton.


Timothy Reichard 3/22/03

The duplex is short, lasting just a sixth of a mile, and so no reassurance shields are necessary along the route. By the time you pass one split, the other appears immediately. This DE 15 sign indicates the southern split of the short duplex.



Timothy Reichard 3/22/03

Now eastbound on DE 300, nearing the southern split.


Timothy Reichard 3/22/03

DE 15 enters from the south at the southern split. The duplex begins here. In the background, you can see the next DE 15 sign along the right side of the road after this curve.


Timothy Reichard 3/22/03

Just after DE 15 joins DE 300, DE 15 splits to the north. Both DE 15 and DE 300 leads toward duplexes with DE 6.



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