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Pennsylvania Sign Goofs and Oddities · Page 2


SR 2019/Broad Street in Selinsgrove (Corrected, early 2003)

Timothy Reichard 8/19/02

PA 204 ends here in Selinsgrove at US 522 and Broad Street. Broad Street begins to the right and heads into Selinsgrove, crossing a state-maintained bridge (SR 2019) a half mile to the south. This intersection was reconstructed and widened in early Summer 2002. In the process, many signs were taken down and then put back up. The SR 2019 BRIDGE sign was one such sign, but when re-posted on this pole, it now points the wrong way!


Timothy Reichard 8/19/02

A closer view of the little white sign, along with a complementary sign on the other side of the pole and pointing in the same, wrong direction toward PA 204. The new arrows on the old signs point in the wrong direction, away from the bridge on Broad Street.


PA 22 near Mount Union

Timothy Reichard 4/7/02

PA 747 northbound leaving Mount Union, PA, crossing the Juniata River, and about to end at US 22. The erroneous PA 22 shield was installed as part of the extension of PA 747 when US 522 was relocated to the new Mount Union bypass to the east.


PA 216 and PA 516 near Glen Rock

David Slauenwhite 6/02

Heading left by walking sideways instead of walking forward, Glen Rock is an extra mile away from this junction of PA 216 and PA 516 south of York, PA.


US 220 near Mill Hall

Timothy Reichard 8/3/02

US 220 northbound a few miles north of I-80. The US 220 exit sign on the left is quite an error, implying that US 220 exits its freeway. The freeway is itself US 220, and the next exit to Lock Haven is for PA 120 westbound, the former US 120.


Timothy Reichard 8/3/02

The next big green sign is correct.


16th Street in Hummels Wharf

Timothy Reichard 8/6/02

This is 16th Street at US 11/US 15 in Hummels Wharf, PA, right next to the Susquehanna Valley Mall. If I'm in the right lane, do I have to turn right?



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