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US 11/US 15/Susquehanna Trail in Hummels Wharf

Timothy Reichard 8/19/02

US 11/US 15 is the Susquehanna Trail as it parallels the west shore for dozens of miles. At Monroe Street in Hummels Wharf, Susquehanna is misspelled.


Onramp to US 11/US 15 from Amity Hall Exit of US 22/US 322

Timothy Reichard 8/19/02

The Watts Township sign is a typical sign demarcating townships, and very similar signs (also blue on white) are posted to demarcate county lines. In this case, the colors on the Perry County sign are reversed!

There are two other interesting but inobvious things to note. First, this lane is a second ramp from US 22/US 322 to US 11/US 15 north. When heading west on US 22/US 322, one can take the exit to US 11/US 15 north as US 22/US 322 becomes a freeway. However, if one passes that exit and the following one for US 11/US 15 south, the next exit is a second-chance exit for US 11/US 15 in either direction! That is, if one unintentionally passes one of the first two exits, one can take the third exit. No turning around necessary.

Second, This ramp crosses from Perry County to Dauphin County right here, but then comes back to Perry County as it joins the US 11/US 15 highway.


PA 59 and PA 646 near Ormsby

David Brunot

PA 646's southern end is here at PA 59 in Ormsby. PA 59 west is to the right, and east is to the left.


PA 219 in Dubois

David Brunot

US 219 and PA 219 are signed here at the intersection of Liberty Boulevard, Park Avenue, and Brady Street in Dubois ("DOO-boyce", not "doo-BWAH"). The right shield is correct; the left shield is wrong.


US 6/PA 209 near Milford

Douglas Kerr 7/27/00

US 6/US 209 heading east out of Milford. The PA 209 shield is of the wrong type.



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