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Pennsylvania Sign Goofs and Oddities · Page 4


PA 30 on PA 462 in eastern Lancaster

Jason Ilyes 3/8/02

Westbound on PA 462 near its beginning on the east side of Lancaster. The PA 30 shield is the goof. Route 30 is a US Route in Pennsylvania.


US 234 on US 30 in western York

Jason Ilyes 5/15/02

Westbound on US 30 approaching the intersection with PA 234. This time, US 30 has the right shield shape, but PA 234 has an erroneous US route shield.


US 522 south at the Snyder/Mifflin County line

David Slauenwhite 8/03

Southbound on US 522 at the Snyder/Mifflin County line. These rectangular signs are standard at county line crossings on primary routes in Pennsylvania, though usually the county name is spelled correctly.


US 1/US 13/City Avenue Southbound west of Philadelphia

Timothy Reichard 5/18/03

A remnant US 13 shield is posted on US 1 southbound leaving Philadelphia. Years ago, US 13 also followed City Avenue, but now takes a more southerly route.


US 1 at PA 513's northern beginning in Penndel

Timothy Reichard 5/17/03

PA 513 begins here at PA 413 south in Penndel. US 1 is a mile behind the camera, but Business US 1 is a block ahead. When the US 1 bypass was opened and old US 1 became Business US 1, this US 1 sign was not updated.






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