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Business I-83 northbound in York

Timothy Reichard 5/14/03

Northbound on George Street in York. The streets that were once US 111 have since become Business I-83, the Northeast's only interstate business route. What is odd about this route marker is that the interstate shield is not "cut-out." Standard interstate markers, whether green or red and blue, are not square, but take the same shape as the shield.


PA 8 north near Mars

Timothy Reichard 12/27/03

Glancing at the state road map for a few seconds reveals many town names more unusual than Mars, but here on PA 8 north approaching PA 228, Mars and its mileage are signed in an unusual and oversized font.


Odd PA 61 shields in Schuylkill County

Timothy Reichard 1/10/03

Schuylkill County has placed several signs with an unusually shaped PA 61 shield. The upper corners of the keystones are taller in the PA 61 shields than usual (e.g., the PA 443 shield).


Timothy Reichard 8/13/01

Further east on PA 61/PA 443.


PA 222 south in Shillington

Timothy Reichard 1/10/03

Southbound on US 222 south of Reading. US 222 makes a slight jog to the left ahead, but is signed with the state route keystone shield shape, as though it were PA 222.


PA 422 at Fairlane Road east of Reading

Timothy Reichard 1/10/03

In the Reading area, we have US 422 and US 222, Business US 422 and Business US 222, so why not also another PA 422 goof to complement the PA 222 goof? This goof is located at the junction of Fairlane Road and US 422 east of Reading.




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