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I-68(E-W)/US 40(E-W) Duplex
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Interstate 68 and US Route 40 join for a long, 67.3-mile duplex on the National Freeway from Hancock to Keysers Ridge in Washington, Allegany, and Garrett Counties. The western 8.4 miles of the duplex are joined by US Route 219 in the I-68/US 40/US 219 triplex, and another 6.7 miles of the duplex are joined by US Route 220 in the I-68/US 40/US 220 triplex. The I-68/US 40 duplex will be covered between its ends on this page. The I-68/US 40 western split and triplex with US 219 is covered on the I-68/US 40/US 219 page, and the triplex with US 220 is on the I-68/US 40/US 220 page.

Timothy Reichard 8/25/02

After passing Cumberland, the next exit is Exit 41, which leads to MD 49. MD 49 parallels the freeway from the following exit east into Cumberland.


Timothy Reichard 8/25/02

The next two exits are for state routes whose numbers are not mentioned here, but both lead to Alt US 40. Vocke Road is unsigned MD 658, and the La Vale exit is to MD 53, which leads north to Alt US 40 and south to US 220.


Timothy Reichard 3/8/03

MD 36 at the next exit also darts north to Alternate US 40. In fact, those two routes form a short duplex in Frostburg.


Timothy Reichard 3/8/03

I-68/US 40 forms a southern bypass around Frostburg and has a second exits to enter the town from the southwest. Midlothian Road also serves Midlothian and Carlos.


Timothy Reichard 3/8/03

Further west, MD 546 begins at I-68/US 40 and heads north to Finzel, just south of the Mason-Dixon Line.


Timothy Reichard 3/8/03

As the freeway climbs Meadow Mountain, it meets the road to New Germany to the south. This is the last exit before US 219 joins—see the I-68/US 40/US 219 page to see the rest of I-68/US 40.



Local Names

68 WestNational Freeway
40 West National Pike
68 40 DuplexNational Freeway
40 EastEisenhower National Highway


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