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I-70(E-W)/US 40(E-W) Western Duplex

Interstate 70 and US Route 40 join twice. The western duplex spans 8.2 miles from Park Head to Hancock in Washington County. The western 0.53 miles of the westbound duplex are joined by US Route 522 in the I-70/US 40/US 522 triplex.

Timothy Reichard 8/25/02

MD 615 is a connector from I-70 to the Pennsylvania state line, just 4 miles to the north. MD 615 connects to an old alignment of US 522 in Pennsylvania. The MD 615 interchange is the first that I-70/US 40 westbound see as a duplex.


Timothy Reichard 8/25/02

With the exit numbers falling toward zero, I-70/US 40 approaches the Pennsylvania State line onward to Breezewood, PA. Right before the state line, I-70 meets I-68, a recent addition to the interstate system. I-68 is a continuation of the US 40 upgrade, and like I-70, US 40 spends several miles sharing the same roadway with I-68. One of the first attractions on I-68/US 40 is the Sideling Cut.


Timothy Reichard 8/25/02

Three miles from the state line and two miles from the large Hancock interchange, an old alignment of US 40 has another exit.


Timothy Reichard 8/25/02

MD 144 exits onto the old US 40 alignment into Hancock. Next up, US 40 abandons I-70 for I-68, and US 522 joins for a brief ride through that interchange.


Timothy Reichard 8/25/02

Reassurance shields westbound before the Hancock interchange.


Dan Moraseski 9/02/02

First reassurance shields eastbound after leaving the Hancock interchange.


Timothy Reichard 8/25/02

Now facing eastbound, I-70 and US 40 split once at Exit 9. The two route will join and split again before I-70 ends in Baltimore, almost 90 miles from here.



Local Names

70 40 522 TriplexEisenhower Memorial Highway
70 40  DuplexEisenhower Memorial Highway
70 EastEisenhower Memorial Highway
40 EastNational Pike


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