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MD 63(N-S)/MD 68(W-E) Duplex

Maryland Routes 63 and 68 join for 1.21 miles through Williamsport in Washington County.

Timothy Reichard 3/8/03

US 11 northbound enters Williamsport after crossing the Potomac River bridge from West Virginia to Maryland. At Conococheague Street, US 11 encounters the US 11/US 63 duplex straight ahead and the MD 63/MD 68 duplex to the south. Note the directions of the state routes to the right: MD 63 south/MD 68 east.


Timothy Reichard 3/8/03

Three sets of reassurance shields from north to south in Williamsport. Not one pair agrees on the directions, but the second set displays them correctly.


Timothy Reichard 3/8/03

The two routes split south of town and just south of the I-81 interchange. This is westbound on MD 68 where MS 63 joins. Just ahead is the exit to I-81 north.


Timothy Reichard 3/8/03

First northbound reassurance shields on the duplex. The roadway is divided for the interchange with I-81, then narrows as it enters town.


Timothy Reichard 3/8/03

Unlike the reassurance shields along the southbound direction (which were mainly incorrect), no directions are posted northbound in town.


Timothy Reichard 3/8/03

In the middle of Williamsport, MD 63 leaves MD 68 and joins US 11 for a block.


Timothy Reichard 3/8/03

Back at the northern split, US 11 is signed with the double-direction banner.


Local Names

68 West Conococheague Street
63 North Potomac Street
63 68 Duplex Conococheague Street
Lappans Road
63 South Spielman Road
68 East Lappans Road


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