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I-81(N-S)/US 6(W-E) Duplex

I-81 and US 6 join for 7 miles through Chinchilla, Scranton, and Dunmore in Lackawanna County.

Chris Jordan 3/24/03

Northbound on I-81 approaching Exit 194, where US 6 leaves the freeway. This interchange is really part of a conglomeration of three interchanges: one for I-81 & US 6, another for I-476, and a third for US 6 & US 11.



Douglas Kerr 5/21/02

The same interchange on I-81 southbound. The I-81/US 6 duplex begins just ahead. US 6 west leads to the US 6/US 11 duplex.


Douglas Kerr 9/26/01

The southern split interchange is no less complicated. Here four freeways meet at a stack interchange: I-81/US 6, US 6, I-81, and I-84/I-380. In this photo, I-81 and US 6 are splitting, and ahead a choice between US 6 west and I-84/I-380 can be made.


Douglas Kerr 12/1/02

From I-84/I-380 approaching the stack interchange with I-81/US 6, advance notice is given for accessing specific exits in the Scranton area on I-81.


Douglas Kerr 12/1/02

At the stack interchange, US 6 east exits first, then I-81/US 6 begins soon ahead.


Chris Jordan 3/24/03

Northbound on I-81, approaching the stack interchange. In the distance is a local exit for Drinker Street, which leads to Dunmore on the east side of Scranton.


Douglas Kerr 7/30/00

I-81 northbound going under the stacks. The next exit is for PA 347.



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