Road Photo Trip 8/5/01 - Clearfield and Western Centre Counties Part III

by Timothy Reichard

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PA 53 took me to Philipsburg. On the northern outskirts of town, the route merges with US 322.

This photo was shot at the traffic signal where PA 53 southbound meets US 322, which runs left and right from the intersection. Photo shot 8/5/01.

I continued into town on US 322/PA 53 to meet an intersection full of route numbers.

The northern terminus of PA 350 is at US 322/PA 53 in Philipsburg. No END PA 350 sign is posted. US 322 westbound and PA 53 northbound meet at this intersection: US 322 from the right, PA 53 from the left, and both continuing straight ahead. PA 53 southbound splits from US 322 a few blocks straight ahead and parallels US 322 a block to the left, never reaching this intersection. The TO NORTH 53 sign in the photo should lack the TO sign, whereas TO is correctly posted above the SOUTH PA 53 sign. Photo shot 8/5/01.

PennDOT's 2001 Centre County map shows PA 504 duplexed with US 322 from the east (right) and also ending at this intersection. The actual signs do not concur: from here to the signed PA 504 terminus a mile to the east, TO PA 504 signs appear along with the EAST US 322 signs.

This photo shows the same intersection as the previous photo, with PA 350 ending as it approaches from the left. US 322/PA 53 combine and head to the right. PA 350 is well signed with I-99 trailblazers here, 14 miles from current I-99's northern terminus. Photo shot 8/5/01.

The camera did not change location from the previous shot to take his shot, but merely turned to the right. The pair of shields on the right side are the ones visible in the second photo before this one, below the overhead right turn ONLY sign. Not often are signs duplicated on both sides of a narrow street. Photo shot 8/5/01.

Next, I returned to the end of a route that I visited earlier in the day.

The western terminus of PA 504 is at US 322 in Philipsburg. PA 504 turns left at the intersection just off the left edge of the photo and continues for one short block to meet US 322. PennDOT's Centre County map shows PA 504 duplexed with US 322 from this signed terminus to PA 350's northern terminus about a mile to the west, but the signs say otherwise. Photo shot 8/5/01.

This terminus completes my Philipsburg coverage. I took US 322 westbound to Clearfield. A multiplexed expressway awaited. US 322 left one member of the PA 53 family to join another.

US 322 and PA 153 join for 6 mi west of Clearfield. The highway is a four-lane, divided, sub-interstate-standard expressway with partially controlled access. On this Sunday afternoon, I saw less than half a dozen vehicles after driving its length both ways. The shoulder of the road is trimmed with red pebbles for a distinctive look. Photo shot 8/5/01.

I didn't see any traffic on the 6-mi highway when I doubled back toward Clearfield. Clearly the expressway did not need an upgrade to interstate standards. Photo shot 8/5/01.

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