Road Photo Trip 8/5/01 - Clearfield and Western Centre Counties Part V

by Timothy Reichard

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I reached my next destination just 3 mi south of Grampian.

This shot was taken from PA 729 southbound at the western split. The West Branch Susquehanna River flows just beyond the railroads tracks. Photo shot 8/5/01.

PA 729 and PA 969 join for a short 1 mi duplex at Lumber City. This shot was taken from PA 729 northbound at the eastern split. Photo shot 8/5/01.

I continued southbound on PA 729 and then on PA 53 to shoot two more termini.

The northern terminus of PA 865 is at PA 53 in Coalport. Photo shot 8/5/01.

I continued southbound on PA 53 to meet its child route's southern terminus.

The southern terminus of PA 253 is at PA 53 in Van Ormer. PA 253's northern terminus is also at PA 53 in Houtzdale. Photo shot 8/5/01.

This intersection would be my southernmost point in the trip. Now it was time to head back northward and eastward to visit the other termini and multiplexes between here and Philipsburg. Just about all the routes on this leg of the trip were of the PA 53 family. But first I'd revisit an nonmember of the family.

PA 253 and PA 865 join for a 1 mi same-way duplex in Glasgow. This photo was shot just north of the southern split. Photo shot 8/5/01.

The southbound shields stand a mile south of the northern split. Photo shot 8/5/01.

Just north of the split, PA 253 traffic is directed to make a left turn at the PA 865 junction. The pair of signs behind the PA 253 shield are the directional shields for PA 865. Photo shot 8/5/01.

Continuing northward on PA 253, x53 signs would be plentiful.

PA 253 and PA 453 join for about 4 mi from Viola to Ramey. This photo was taken near Viola. All three towns on the green mileage sign have a terminus: PA 729 in Janesville, PA 253 in Houtzdale, and PA 453 in Curwensville. I've visited the last of the three, but I had another terminus to photograph before reaching the other two.

The southern terminus of PA 153 is at the PA 253/PA 453 duplex in Viola. The photo shows the rare instance of three sibling routes (or even three family routes) at the same intersection or on the same signpost. Photo shot 8/5/01.

The PA 253/PA 453 duplex would also mark the end of another route.

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