Road Photo Trip 8/5/01 - Clearfield and Western Centre Counties Part VI

by Timothy Reichard

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About a mile to the west of the PA 153/PA 253/PA 453 intersection was another terminus along on the PA 253/PA 453 duplex.

The southern terminus of PA 729 is at the PA 253/PA 453 duplex near Janesville. Photo shot 8/5/01.

A couple of miles to te north, the sibling routes split.

These shields stand just south of the northern PA 253/PA 453 split in Ramey and 4 mi north of the southern split. Photo shot 8/5/01.

The two routes formed a same-way duplex. Following PA 453 northward, I'd encounter a wrong-way family duplex.

PA 53 and PA 453 join in Madera for a one-block-long duplex. The road crosses Clearfield Creek. Photo shot 8/5/01.

This photo was shot just behind the camera position in the previous photo. Photo shot 8/5/01.

I drove northbound on PA 53 to revisit PA 253, again at a terminus. Both of PA 253's termini are at intersections with PA 53. The northern terminus is in Houtzdale. Unfortunately, my photo of this end was overexposed. PA 53 also meets PA 153 in Houtzdale. Continuing northbound, PA 53 leads to Osceola Mills and meets PA 970.

PA 53 and PA 970 join in opposing directions for a few blocks in Osceola Mils. Here PA 53 is signed SOUTH and PA 970 is signed NORTH. Photo shot 8/5/01.

The two routes round a corner in Osceola Mills. The routes go forward and to the left from this intersection. The duplex last just a few blocks before the routes split. PA 970 has a U-shaped routing along the blocks of the town. Photo shot 8/5/01.

My PA 53 tour, which began in Moshannon at its northern terminus, and carried me through duplexes with US 322, PA 453, and now PA 970, would now end. I continued southbound on PA 970, leaving the land of the x53 routes.

The southern terminus of PA 970 is at PA 350 in Sandy Ridge. Photo shot 8/5/01.

I continued southbound on PA 350 to meet an infamous intersection, complete with a mixed US/PA duplex, a mixed I/US duplex, a bannered US route terminus, and a temporary interstate terminus. Welcome to Bald Eagle.

Three routes meet at this intersection in Bald Eagle: PA 350 from the north and south, US 220 from the east and south, and Business US 220 from the west. I-99 begins less than a mile straight ahead. A US 220/PA 350 duplex begins at the traffic signal and continues forward for less than a mile, where PA 350 splits to the left. I-99 effectively ends at that split, which is the first chance I-99 northbound traffic has to choose more than one route. Business US 220 should be signed here as heading to the right. Photo shot 8/5/01.

The I-99/US 220 expressway will be completed northward to Port Matilda and State College. US 220 will no longer meet this intersection. If Business US 220 is set to meet the new US 220 straight ahead, then the US 220/PA 350 duplex will become Business US 220/PA 350. If Business US 220 is instead continued northeastward to parallel the new I-99/US 220, then only PA 350 and Business US 220 will meet and not join at this intersection.

This photo shows the same intersection as the previous photo. Business US 220, which met the intersection from the right in the previous photo, ends there. Photo shot 8/5/01.

Having taken a few steps back, the JCT US 220/PA 350 sign is visible well behind the END BUSINESS US 220 sign. Photo shot 8/5/01.

I took US 220 northbound to Port Matilda. After a 9 mi break from multiplexes, US 220 joines another route.

Here US 220 is routed straight ahead and straight behind the camera. US 322 heads west to te left and east straight ahead. The two routes are duplexes for 3 mi from here, Port Matilda, to an interchange to the northeast. A Corridor O public meeting announcement is shown on the variable message sign. Photo shot 8/5/01.

At the northern split, I shot a photo of the US 220 SOUTH/US 322 WEST shields, but that shot turned out to be overexposed.

This duplex concluded my photo journey. I'd photographed 19 termini and 14 duplexes in Clearfield, Cambria, Blair, and Centre countries.

Route Summary

  • Start: PA 26(N) from State College to Dice and PA 150 ST
  • PA 150(N) to Bellefonte
  • PA 150(N)/PA 550(N) in Bellefonte
  • PA 550(N) in Bellefonte
  • PA 550(N)/PA 144(S) in Bellefonte
  • PA 550(S)/PA 144(N) in Bellefonte
  • PA 144(N) in Bellefonte
  • PA 144(N)/PA 150(N) to Milesburg
  • US 220(N)/PA 150(N)
  • US 220(S)/PA 150(S)
  • US 220(S)/PA 144(S)
  • US 220(S) to Unionville and PA 504 ET
  • US 220(N) to Milesburg
  • PA 144(N) to Moshannon and PA 53 NT
  • PA 144(N) to PA 879 ET
  • PA 144(S) to Moshannon and PA 53 NT
  • PA 53(S)
  • US 322(E)/PA 53(S) to Philipsburg and PA 350 NT
  • US 322(E) to PA 504 WT
  • US 322(W)
  • US 322(W)/PA 53(N)
  • US 322(W) to Clearfield
  • US 322(W)/PA 153(N)
  • US 322(E)/PA 153(S) to Clearfield
  • US 322(E)
  • PA 879(E) to Shawville and PA 970 NT
  • PA 879(W) to Curwensville and PA 453 NT
  • PA 453(S) to PA 969 ET
  • PA 969(W) to Lumber City
  • PA 729(N)/PA 969(W)
  • PA 969(W) to Bells Landing and PA 969 WT
  • US 219(N) to Grumpian and PA 729 NT and PA 879 WT
  • PA 729(S) to Lumber City
  • PA 729(S)/PA 969(E)
  • PA 729(S) to Glen Hope
  • PA 53(S) to Coalport and PA 865 NT
  • PA 53(S) to Van Ormer and PA 253 ST
  • PA 253(N) to Glasgow
  • PA 253(N)/PA 865(N)
  • PA 253(N) to Viola
  • PA 253(N)/PA 453(N) to PA 153 ST
  • PA 253(N)/PA 453(N) to Janesville and PA 729 ST
  • PA 253(N)/PA 453(N) to Ramey
  • PA 453(N) to Madera
  • PA 53(S)/PA 453(N)
  • PA 53(N)/PA 453(S)
  • PA 53(N) to Houtzdale and PA 253 NT
  • PA 53(N) to Osceola Mills
  • PA 53(N)/PA 970(S)
  • PA 970(S) to Sandy Ridge and PA 970 ST
  • PA 350(S) to Bald Eagle and Business US 220 (Altoona) NT
  • US 220(N) to Port Matilda
  • US 220(N)/US 322(E) to Martha Furnace
  • US 322(E)
  • PA 45(W) to Boalsburg
  • Business US 322(W)/PA 45(W)
  • End: Business US 322(W) to State College



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