Road Photo Trip 8/2/01 - Eastern Centre County Part I

by Timothy Reichard

This trip begins eastbound on Business US 322 leaving State College. The goal of this Thursday trip was to capture on film as many route termini and multiplex shields as possible from about 11 AM to 2 PM. I wanted to help out Adam Prince with his PA Ends web site, which at this time was looking for photos of route termini in Pennsylvania, especially in the Centre County area.. I also planned to grab some shots of some new signs along the partially constructed I-99 between State College and I-80. It was a hot, sunny day. First stop, the eastern terminus of Business US 322.

Business US 322 is Atherton Street (old US 322). The eastern terminus near Boalsburg puts all traffic on US 322 eastbound. This sign stand along the on-ramp, which merges with US 322 a few feet ahead. Photo shot 8/2/01.

The sign for the western terminus would have been easy to capture a few months ago. Now, the I-99/US 220 construction closed that part of that interchange (Business US 322/Atherton Street exit of US 322 on the Mount Nittany Expressway) with the END sign. Business US 322 now joins the newly constructed US 322, rather than the expressway.

After continuing eastbound on US 322, I reached the PA 144 southern terminus in Potters Mills. This two-lane stretch of road is fast and full of truck traffic, too much truck traffic. I was happy to reach Potters Mills and leave the traffic. Once there, I didn't bother shooting the END PA 144 shield because it was already submitted to the PA Ends site. I took PA 144 past the PA 45 junction in Old Fort and continued to Centre Hall.

The western terminus of PA 192 is at PA 144 in Centre Hall. The signs behind the END PA 192 shield are a cautionary crossroads sign above a JCT PA 144 shield. Further in the background are the PA 144 directional shields at PA 192's final intersection. Photo shot 8/2/01.

There was a convenient parking lot at the Centre Hall Post Office to park when I found this sign. PA 192 has just enough traffic during the middle of the day that I wouldn't be able to stop on the road to grab this photo from inside my car. I next backtracked down PA 144 southbound to get to PA 45. To the east, PA 45 would lead me to my next terminus.

The southern terminus of PA 445 is at PA 45 in Millheim. PA 445 narrows to a thin street briefly before meeting narrow PA 45 at a traffic signal. Photo shot 8/2/01.

PA 445, a rural route connecting a few tiny towns, would get some emphasis from me because its termini aren't too far apart (~12 miles) and it forms a duplex with PA 192. With the clock ticking on this trip, the route's brevity was fortunate for me. It would be easy to capture photos of these points along the route.

Here PA 445 northbound makes a left turn to join PA 192 at the eastern split. Madisonburg is 2 mi to the west. No dual route shields (one for each route) are posted heading westbound/northbound to the left. Photo shot 8/2/01.

Before I continued on PA 445, I made a short detour to the east to grab another terminus shot.

The southern terminus of PA 880 is at PA 192 in Rebersburg, just 2 mi east of the eastern PA 192/PA 445 split. In the background at the intersection are PA 192 directional shields. Photo shot 8/2/01.

Next I was driving back westward to reach the western split of the PA 192/PA 445 duplex.

Here PA 445 southbound makes a left turn to join PA 192 at the western split in Madisonburg. The shields are digitally brightened for readability. Photo shot 8/2/01.

Unlike the eastern split, the western split had the dual route markers I hoped to shoot.

This photo was taken at the western split facing eastward. Photo shot 8/2/01.

Now to complete my photo-documentation of PA 445. Northbound I went.

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