I-795 Northwest Expressway

February 24, 2002 Photos by Timothy Reichard


The Northwest Expressway is an interstate spur on the northwest side of Baltimore extending northwestward from I-695/Baltimore Beltway. I-795 parallels and bypasses MD 140/Reisterstown Road, the main route to Reisterstown.

Here is the first sign for I-795 along I-695 northbound on the west side of Baltimore. I-695 has 8 lanes here.


Three miles ahead, I-795 splits from I-695 here at the southern terminus.

Here is a confirmation shield for I-795 northbound, just north of the southern terminus.


I-795 was built in two parts. The southern segment, completed first, extended to Owings Mills, which is accessible here at Exit 4.


Four miles ahead, the northern end of I-795 is foreshadowed by this warning sign.


Nearing the northern terminus, the signs hint that the freeway ends at either MD 30 or MD 140. The freeway does not reach MD 30, but ends at MD 140. Nonetheless, there is an access road connecting I-795's northern terminus at MD 140 to MD 30. Neither MD 30 nor MD 140 reach Hanover, PA, because MD 30 becomes PA 94 before entering the Pennsylvania city 25 miles away.


Taking Exit 9A, the traffic signal ahead sign warns of the traffic signal around the bend.


Skipping to the north side of Reisterstown, an access road to I-795 begins here along MD 30 southbound. The intersection at the left is the western terminus of MD 128 at MD 30. MD 128 traffic can continue straight head (to the right in the photo) to reach I-795 and MD 140.


Taking the access road, traffic reaches this intersection at MD 140. I-795 begins for traffic heading straight from this ahead intersection.


Here is the first I-795 confirmation shield heading southbound.



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