Old I-170/US 40 Expressway in Baltimore

February 24, 2002 Photos by Timothy Reichard


Early interstate plans called for I-70 to extend eastward from I-695/Baltimore Beltway to southern Baltimore, with I-170 forming a connection from I-70 to I-95 and downtown Baltimore. Only a short segment of I-70 was built inside the Beltway and ended at a park and ride lot at the Security Boulvard/Cooks Lane interchange; the remainder of I-70 was never built. A little over a mile of I-170 was constructed, wiping out hundreds of houses along a row of city blocks. The rest of the I-170 freeway was killed, and the part that was built never connected to another freeway, only to US 40 city streets. I-70 was never completed where I-170 would meet it, and residents also killed the extension to I-95. The isolated mile of I-170 that was completed was redesignated US 40.

This is the view heading westbound on the old I-170 freeway, which is designated US 40. The side streets that used to traverse this area were put on overpasses across the freeway.


At the western end of the freeway, all traffic must exit onto the paralleling street, onto which US 40 continues.



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