Road Photo Trip 8/4/01 - Southern Clinton and Lycoming Counties Part II

by Timothy Reichard

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So up and down the mountains I went, driving on until the next end appeared around a bend.

The northern terminus of PA 664 is at PA 44 near Haneyville. PA 664 and PA 44 are a gorgeous drive through the forested mountains of Clinton and Lycoming Counties. Photo shot 8/4/01.

So one scenic route has ended. But fortunately there were more. I continued on PA 44 southbound (another very scenic route; I loved the thick tree cover along the road) to the end of a third scenic route.

The western terminus of PA 414 is at PA 44 just west of Waterville. PA 414 and PA 44 are a gorgeous drive through the forested mountains of Lycoming County. PA 414 heads southeastward for more than ten miles before reaching this terminus, but is signed westbound because the majority of the route to and from Monroeton is eastward/westward. Photo shot 8/4/01.

Seeing the route on a route map made me wonder if the entire length of PA 414 would be signed E-W, or if the western portion might be signed as N-S. But indeed the route is signed E-W all the way to this terminus.

I continued through the forested mountains on PA 44 southbound to see if PA 973 might be as scenic as PA 664, PA 44, and PA 414.

The western terminus of PA 973 is at PA 44 about 5 mi north of Avis. Photo shot 8/4/01.

PA 973 is a road without painted lines, at least in the first segment east of PA 44. And it's not terribly scenic as it passes farms and fields. Maybe on the east side of its next junction, PA 287, the scenery would improve. I was enjoying the forested mountains and would have liked my route to have passed through more of that terrain. PA 973 took me to PA 287. I drove southbound on PA 287 to reach its southern end.

The southern terminus of PA 287 is at US 220 just south of Larryville. No END PA 287 shield is posted. This view is looking westward (southbound) on US 220. The US 220 expressway begins just ahead. Photo shot 8/4/01.

I was disappointed to see a lack of an END PA 287 sign on the final stretch of the road. Without that target to shoot on tamer PA 287, I'd have to reach the intersection and be first at a red light (not green light) to have a few seconds to snap a picture of the US 220 signs off the photo to the left, or else drive on US 220, double back, and hope I could find a shoulder to park on to shoot a PA 287 shield at the intersection. I traveled northbound on US 220 for a few miles, where the road is a partially divided four-lane highway, before making a legal U-turn and approaching the terminus again. Traffic was fairly heavy. Fortunately, the shoulder at this intersection was wide enough to park on, so I wouldn't need to worry too much about traffic using the right turn ramp at the bottom of the photo.

The US 220 expressway will be completed from Williamsport to just beyond this intersection to meet the existing expressway. The plans will make US 220 part of I-99 all the way from Bedford to Williamsport. This intersection's role as PA 287's southern terminus may end in a few years, as PA 287 will likely be truncated to the new expressway just to the north.

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