Road Photo Trip 8/4/01 - Southern Clinton and Lycoming Counties Part III

by Timothy Reichard

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I next backtracked northward on PA 287 to PA 973.

PA 287 and PA 973 form a short duplex (less than 0.1 mi) near Salladasburg. This view is from PA 973 eastbound. Photo shot 8/4/01.


The two routes split just a few tens of feet to the north. The two junctions are just far enough apart to call the connecting road a duplex. This view is at the northern split from PA 973 westbound. Photo shot 8/4/01.

Next stop: two similar routes and four termini to the north.


The western terminus of PA 184 is at PA 287 in Brookside. Photo shot 8/4/01.

PA 184 has a nearby sibling route just to the north. This trips visits that route before returning to this one.


The western terminus of PA 284 is at PA 287 in English Center. Like PA 184, PA 284 meets only two other PA routes: PA 287 and US 15. Photo shot 8/4/01.

PA 284 ends 4 mi north of where PA 184 ends. Now that I've got the western termini of these twin routes, I drove the entire length of PA 284 to reach its eastern terminus.


The eastern terminus of PA 284 is at US 15 in Buttonwood. The US 15 expressway is complete here, but ends a mile or two to the south as it approaches PA 184. The PA 284 interchange is split: southbound US 15 access is provided just west of the US 15 overpasses; northbound access is provided about a mile to the northeast of the overpasses, just around the bend in this photo. Photo shot 8/4/01.

This terminus marks the northernmost point of my excursion. The x84 twin ends story took me back to te south.


The eastern terminus of PA 184 is at US 15 in Steam Valley. The US 15 expressway ends just north of this intersection but remains divided all the way to the next expressway segment near Trout Run. This terminus will become an interchange once the Steam Valley portion of US 15 is upgraded to an expressway, which will eventually become I-99. Photo shot 8/4/01.

US 15 south of this end is much like US 322 west of Port Matilda. The highway is divided so that the oncoming traffic lanes are out of site. The highways twists around curves with few roads meeting it. Unlike heading westward on US 322, US 15 becomes an expressway again near Troat Run with an interchange at a PA route terminus.


The southern terminus of PA 14 is at US 15 near Trout Run. This view looks southbound from PA 14, which becomes an on-ramp. Photo shot 8/4/01.

I continued southbound on US 15 with PA 973 in mind as my next route. PA 973 meets US 15 at an unusual interchange. The interchange has only one ramp. Only US 15 southbound can access PA 973. If you're traveling on PA 973 and want to take US 15 northbound or southbound, you have to travel on old US 15, which parallels the US 15 expressway on the east side.

On my way to PA 973, I saw a sign worthy of a picture. With traffic close behind me, I decided not to pull off the road at tat time to snap the picture. I exited at the PA 973 partial interchange and took PA 973 eastbound to old US 15 northbound, which brought me back to PA 14 in Trout Run next to the US 15 interchange. I took US 15 southbound and approached the interesting sign with no traffic behind me.


This sign stands along US 15 southbound about a mile south of the PA 14/Trout Run exit. If there were any doubt that I-99 would be routed northward along the US 15 expressway, this sign should eliminate it. Photo shot 8/4/01.

Now that my detour circle was complete, I took PA 973 eastbound again. At the old US 15 junction, I turned right (southbound) on what must have been a US 15/PA 973 duplex before the US 15 expressway was built. The road was signed as EAST PA 973, TO SOUTH US 15, with similar signs in the opposite direction, so that removing the TO signs would seem to restore the old signing of the road. I should have taken some photos for the decommissioned duplex. PA 973 split to the east after a mile. I followed PA 973 to the east to end my journey on this route.



The eastern terminus of PA 973 is at PA 87 in Loyalsockville. The road is a twisty, rural alternative to I-180/US 220 a few miles to the south. Photo shot 8/4/01.

PA 973 is an east/west route that connects four north-south routes in the area: PA 44, PA 287, old US 15, and PA 87 (PA 87 runs north/south in this part of its routing). I've travelled all of PA 973 except the segment connecting PA 287 to US 15, but that should be enough. Soon I will travel to both ends of PA 864, which could easily have been an extension of PA 973. The extension would require a two-mile duplex with PA 87.


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