Road Photo Trip 8/4/01 - Southern Clinton and Lycoming Counties Part IV

by Timothy Reichard

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From PA 973, I drove southward on PA 87 to Farrugut.


The western terminus of PA 864 is at PA 87 in Farragut. Photo shot 8/4/01.

I wanted to take a picture of the eastern terminus of PA 864, only 13 mi to the east, and indeed I would. But first I found four other termini. Back on PA 87 I went.


The western terminus of PA 87 is at I-180/US 220 north of Montoursville. Before I-180 was built, the terminus was a mile to the south at old US 220 in Montoursvile. Photo shot 8/4/01.

So here was US 220 again. I'd touched this route a few times on this trip (US 220/US 322, I-80/US 220, PA 477 northern terminus, and PA 120 eastern terminus), but now I would drive on it. It is duplexed with I-180 from Pennsdale to Williamsport. I headed eastbound on I-180 to unnumbered Exit 13 and took PA 405 northbound to my next destination.


The western terminus of PA 442 is at PA 405 east of Muncy. Photo taken 8/4/01.

PA 442 may be the only x42 route to still connect to its parent PA 42 to the east. PA 642 is disconnected, and several other x42s were decommissioned.

A short drive on PA 405 northbound led me to two more termini in Hughesville.


The western terminus of PA 118 is at PA 405 in Hughesville. PA 405 ends a few blocks to the right (north) of the terminus. A SOUTH 405 sign is seen behind the background tree without a NORTH 405 counterpart. Both signs (NORTH and SOUTH) appear at the intersection. Photo shot 8/4/01.


The northern terminus of PA 405 is at US 220 in Hughesville. The US 220 shield is missing below the JCT sign. A couple of US 220 shields are visible in the background. US 220 southbound turns left ahead to join I-180 a few miles to the west. PA 118 ends a few blocks behind the camera. Photo shot 8/4/01.

I rejoined US 220 northbound for another planned terminus photo.


The eastern terminus of PA 864 is at US 220 in Picture Rocks. Photo shot 8/4/01.

This terminus marks the easternmost point on the road trip. It was nearing 7 PM and I had two goals in mind for the remainder of the trip before sunset. First, I wanted to photograph the northern terminus of PA 150 in Avis, which I bypassed on my eastward trip to Picture Rocks. Second, there were three more routes south of Williamsport that I could photograph on my return trip westward to Avis. Achieving these two goals would mean I could draw on a map a nice loop around southern Clinton and Lycoming counties and see that I got a photo of all the route ends and current multiplexes that were not signed on expressways. I didn't wish to try to photograph I-80/US 220, US 220/PA 44, I-180/US 220, I-180/US 15/US 220, or the western terminus of I-180 with 70-80 mph traffic speeding by me. To photograph all the other termini and multiplexes would satisfy me. But would the sun set too soon for good pictures?

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