Road Photo Trip 8/4/01 - Southern Clinton and Lycoming Counties Part IV

by Timothy Reichard

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I backtracked on US 220 to Hughesville and continued on US 220 to I-180 into Williamsport. US 15 joins the interstate around Williamsport for a three-way I-180/US 15/US 220 triplex. I took the exit for US 15 southbound rather than taking the triplex. US 15 crosses the West Branch Susquehanna River and joins with twin x54 routes that end in South Williamsport.


The northern terminus of PA 554 is at US 15 in South Williamsport. This end is at the right-angle-curve that US 15 takes as it divides and banks to enter/leave two parallel steets of the town. PA 654 ends a few blocks to the north. Photo shot 8/4/01.

I passed PA 654 to photograph this end first. I was concerned with time. If I hadn't been concerned, I would have grabbed a PA 654 eastern terminus photo and then traveled the entire length of PA 554 to photograph its two ends and then head west to PA 654's western terminus. Instead, I decided to skip PA 554's southern terminus (which I may be able to catch on a detour on a Union-Northumberland County trip I've been thinking about taking) and travel west on the entire length of PA 654. So I snapped a photo of this end and backtracked to PA 654 in South Williamsport.


The eastern terminus of PA 654 is at US 15 in South Williamsport. US 15 crosses the West Branch Susquehanna River and joins I-180/US 15 just to the left (north) of this terminus. PA 554 ends a few blocks to the right (south).

PA 554 and PA 654 are similar to PA 184 and PA 284. Both pairs of routes used to have a parent route. PA 54 used to end in Jersey shore, but now it ends at US 15 south of South Williamsport. If I recall correctly, PA 287 used to be PA 84. Both pairs of routes have end at the same two roads with no other state route junctions in between. PA 554 and PA 654 connect US 15 to PA 44 (old PA 54), and PA 184 and PA 284 connect US 15 with PA 287 (old PA 84). Next stop: the other end of PA 654.


The western terminus of PA 654 is at PA 44 near Collomsville. Photo shot 8/4/01.

Two more destinations remain. The first was close to here. I drove westboudn on PA 44.


The northern terminus of PA 880 is at PA 44 west of Oval. Photo shot 8/4/01.

I snapped a photo of PA 880's southern terminus earlier that week. Now I had both ends. For PA 150, I also wanted to photograph both ends. Only one end would be in store for this trip.


The northern terminus of PA 150 is at US 220 in Avis. These two routes meet in two other places as well: the Mill Hall exit of US 220 and a duplex near Milesburg. Photo shot 8/4/01.

I made it. This was my last planned stop, and the sun had not begun to set. I was slightly disappointed that I had skipped photographing the southern terminus of PA 554, as it appears I had time to drive to the location. I'll get that photo another day.

PA 150 could take me most of the way back to State College, and also to the duplexed towns of Milesburg and Bellefonte, which I wanted to visit. After almost 7 hours on the road in a car on a hot, 90 degree day, I was ready for a break from driving. My break would last less than a day, as my third trip was planned for noon Sunday.


Route Summary

  • Start: PA 26(N) from State College
  • US 322(W) to Woodycrest/Toftrees exit
  • US 322(E) to PA 26 exit
  • PA 26(N) to PA 26 NT
  • PA 150(N) to Mill Hall and PA 64 NT
  • PA 64(S) to PA 477 NT
  • PA 64(N) to Mill Hall
  • PA 150(N) to Lock Haven
  • PA 120(E) to PA 120 ET
  • PA 120(W) to Lock Haven and PA 664 ST
  • PA 664(N) to Haneyville and PA 664 NT
  • PA 44(S) to PA 414 WT and PA 973 WT
  • PA 973(E) to Salladasburg
  • PA 287(S) to PA 287 ST
  • PA 287(N) to Salladasburg
  • PA 287(N)/PA 973(E) in Salladasburg
  • PA 287(N) to Brookside and PA 184 WT
  • PA 287(N) to English Center and PA 284 WT
  • PA 284(E) to Buttonwood and PA 284 ET
  • US 15(S) to Steam Valley and PA 184 ET
  • US 15(S) to Trout Run and PA 14 ST
  • US 15(S) to Cogan Station
  • PA 973(E) to old US 15
  • old US 15(N) to Trout Run and PA 14 ST
  • US 15(S) to Cogan Station
  • PA 973(E) to Warrensville and PA 973 ET
  • PA 87(W) to Farrugut and PA 864 WT
  • PA 87(W) to Montoursville and PA 87 WT
  • I-180(E)/US 220(N) to Exit 13
  • PA 405(N) to PA 442 WT
  • PA 405(N) to Hughesville and PA 118 WT
  • PA 405(N) to PA 405 NT
  • US 220(N) to Picture Rocks and PA 864 ET
  • US 220(S) to Pennsdale
  • I-180(W)/US 220(S) to Exit 27 Williamsport
  • US 15(S) to South Williamsport and PA 554 NT
  • US 15(N) to South Williamsport and PA 654 ET
  • PA 654(W) to Collomsville and PA 654 WT
  • PA 44(N) to PA 880 NT
  • PA 44(N) to Jersey Shore
  • US 220(S)/PA 44(N)
  • US 220(S) to Avis and PA 150 NT
  • US 220(S)
  • I-80(W)/US 220(S) to Exit 24 [soon will be Exit 161]
  • End: PA 26(S) to State College


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