11 15

The US 11/US 15 Selinsgrove Bypass

US 11/US 15 follows the Selinsgrove bypass through the east side of Selinsgrove on the Isle of Que. There are two interchanges. The southernmost interchange serves as PA 35's north end south of Selinsgrove. PA 35 was extended a little to the northeast to meet the interchange. The northern interchange takes US 11/US 15 traffic onto/off the bypass and onto the Susquehanna Trail, which is US 11/US 15 through Hummels Wharf and Selinsgrove. To the south of this interchange is US 522, which was extended along the old US 11/US 15 (Market Street, Selinsgrove) to meet the end of the bypass. The three-mile bypass was built in the mid-1970s and is mainly interstate standard, with short deceleration lanes at the PA 35 interchange. At the south end of the bypass, South Market Street forms a single-lane ramp that joins US 11/US 15, which continues south on the Susquehanna Trail.

Northbound near the south end of the Selinsgrove bypass. This bridge takes US 11/US 15 over a tributary of Penns Creek.


First reassurance shields on the bypass.

The bridges over Penns Creek. US 11/US 15 now crosses over to the Isle of Que.


A shot of a typical part of the expressway, with a grass median and button copy guide signs.


The PA 35 exit.



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