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Erie County, PA

6N A Brief History


US 6N is the lone suffixed route in Pennsylvania, replacing the 1930s routing of US 6 that ended in Erie. US 6N is an auxiliary route to US 6 and has no alternate, business, or truck varieties.

Eastern End | Western End

6N Eastern End · US 6/US 19, west of Mill Village

Adam Prince

Northbound on US 6/US 19 near Mill Village. US 6 and US 19 split, while US 6N begins westward.

More photos of the eastern end are available on the US 6/US 19 multiplex page.

Aerial photo (Terraserver/USGS, 1993): The east end of US 6N and the northern split of US 6/US 19.


6N Western End · US 20, West Springfield

Barb Bee

In West Springfield, almost thirty miles from US 6/US 19, US 6N ends at another US highway, US 20.


Douglas Kerr 12/8/02

Westbound at the beginning of US 6N. This sign is the first US 6N shield.

Aerial photo (Terraserver, 1993): US 6N's west end at US 20.


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