I-70 Eastern Terminus Park and Ride Lot

February 24, 2002 Photos by Timothy Reichard


I-70 ends at Exit 94 west of Baltimore. The interstate was originally planned to continue into Baltimore, but the extension toward the city was killed. The mainline interstate east of the last exit ramp was converted into a park and ride lot.


Approaching the last exit heading east, the mainline is narrowed to one lane, and the parking lot begins left of the barrier.


The easternmost exit (for Security Boulevard) is shown here. Traffic that does not exit can enter or loop around the parking lot.


Visible in the first photo, and just off the right edge of the second photo, the exit ramp speed limit sign is accompanied with a sign indicating the end of the state maintenence. Another authority must maintain the lot.


Further ahead, the end of the mainline is visible where the Security Boulevard onramp merges.


Now facing west, the lot is divided into a truck area and a car area.


This lot would normally be the highway median, but now ends at a single lane that connects the eastbound lane to the right with a westbound lane to the left. The lane also allows access to the park and ride lot.


Just to the left, the only I-70 shield in the area is posted here with an I-695 trailblazer.


Here is the car parking lot and the beginning of the westbound lane. The first exit to Security Boulevard exits right away.


Just ahead, Cooks Lane can be accessed from the next exit, just past the lot. The one lane widens to two at the location of the lone car.


Three miles to the west, the expressway widens to four westbound lanes to accommodate the two-expressway interchange with I-695, the Baltimore Beltway.


In July, 2004, a new mileage sign was placed in the median along I-70 west just outside the Baltimore Beltway showing approximate mileages to three major cities along I-70's route and the town near its western end.



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